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For a few decades now I have focused on coming to a healthier place, body and soul. I have had an overhaul in my dietary lifestyle to the point I may be vegan now. I have sought direction as to how to bring a greater degree of health for my body as well as my soul. Many ‘tools’ have consistenly appeared to show me another way of doing things. Retraining my thought life is a huge part of shifting my life. Using words, affirmations, journaling are very powerful and show results whether or not we are aware of that fact. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my experience and I hope to provide clear, understandable information that hopefully will inspire those looking for ideas of what may work for them. Ok, no more words for now. I look forward to your comments and questions you might have. Thanks for watching. Much appreciation.

Lafayette 2013

About 2 wks in. Festival was so fun! I love the sibling theme so far this trip. Kurt was here for his 44th birthday ❤ Spending time with Dad has been great. Dealing with pain management and working at my business life. Made a few videos I want to add to a blog for discussion and comments.

My experience with horses

My dad put me on his big white horse Julius when I was still in diapers and I think that’s when I got the ‘sickness’. My young heart was broken when I was told Julius ran away. But I remember seeing him on a corner when we were driving in the country. “Look Dad! There he is!” I was told that wasn’t him. That was the last time I touched a horse for a long, long time. I collected horse figurines as a young girl and when we had a house fire, the ‘horse thing’ was left behind. Over the years I occasionally enjoyed trail rides but never had training or the opportunity to ride regularly.
I had been working on personal growth as my children were growing up. I wanted to become my best and when they were grown and out of school I explored what I might be interested in doing with my time. I ran up and down the hall of opportunity and looked through all the doors that interested me. I visited some desires and nothing really stuck. After seeing the movie ‘The Secret’, I was at a business meeting and wrote on an index card “I want horses in my life” as an exercise. I had been talking to friends about how I had set my intention, requested my desire and let it go to let God work on fulfilling my prayer. It was suggested to me that I talk to a man I was familiar with at Bristol Renaissance Faire, one of my other passions. I was told his wife had a horse rescue. Six months later the card was sent back to me and I had just met Deb & Jennifer. I have been there ever since. That was 4 1/2 yrs ago. They are like sisters to me and I love and respect them with all my heart.
My experience with the horses has been wonderful. I love to talk to them, sing to them, spend time with them. I spent the earliest time at the rescue washing water buckets and scooping poop in Honor and Haven’s area. Since they were very skiddish, due to the extreme abuse they had suffered before they came to us, I would simply go into their area with my garbage can and fork and begin working. They learned to trust me and would occasionally come over to see what I was doing. I love the quiet of the farm. The smell of the barn. I spend a little more than a half hour driving there, out in the country. It’s a good God time. I pray to God for the rescue, the friends & animals that I love. I tap into such a deep place of gratitude that by the time I get to the farm I am in a wonderful state of mind.
The horses have touched me very deeply. I feel such sadness at times when I am near them. Sometimes just a peaceful contentedness. There are so many stories of where they came from and what they’ve been through. I just want to give them love. I don’t bring treats because I would have to give ‘everyone’ some and that would be an overwhelming task. At present there are around fifty horses, not to mention five goats, three pigs and some chickens. My heart loves each and every one of them. They make me laugh and feel joy. We miss the friends who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and remember them and the good memories they brought us.
I have learned to be a part of something bigger than myself. Helping Jen & Deb is very important to me. Not just physically at the farm, cleaning buckets, etc. but to encourage them. To tell them how special and important they are. Not just to the animals but to me and so many others. When we started Holy Crap Fellowship, it met a need that we all had. To bring God into the picture in a greater way. We find encouragement and offer support to one another and learn more about God’s love for us. I am so thankful to say that we are all growing in every way and the rescue will benefit from that. We learn to work together in spite of differences and make compromises in order to keep the rescue going. It’s just how it is.
I am thankful for the opportunity to share my experience and Destination Safe Haven with anyone who will listen. I have been known to talk too much in my life, but I figure since I talk about good things, great things, like the rescue and the women who are my heroes, people can just put up with it. And they do. I don’t know what would be filling my time if I wasn’t a part of DSH. I am just thankful to have this opportunity to serve such wonderful people and animals.Image

my first blog rant

you don’t have to read this if you don’t want to hear my viewpoint.i have to vent to free myself of the painful feelings i have inside me now. i hope it helps. 😦

i woke up to my cats fighting this morning. hissss  meow

thinking i would relax with a cup of peppermint tea and some facebook i came upon an extremely distrubing picture concerning poaching. i saw this picture because a friend had commented on it. i reported the picture due to graphic violence and private messaged the person my viewpoint. i am waiting for the response.

i agree there are atrocities that need to be exposed however, if one is prepared to deal with the visual reality of the atrocity and is willing to be informed, that is their choice. it was not my choice to have that picture imposed on my this morning. the violent act itself is traumatizing enough. there is no point in repeating the trauma by posting it to unsuspecting viewers. i will be bolder and more vocal in my viewpoint starting now. i am responsible for my life and i know what i can handle and what i choose not to deal with. just because someone wants to ‘show’ people what horrible things are happening to animals (or people) doesn’t mean that is going to amount to a hill of beans in solving the root of the problem. i will be in prayer about all of this because i know the intention is to help but that is not the case. 

i am not looking for a discussion on this blog today. like i said, you don’t have to read it. i’ve been traumatized enough for one day, and i haven’t been awake for an hour yet. i’ll try again later to write something more accustomed to my positive perspective.

signing off, over and out.

blog #3

i love the quiet in the morning. knowing my family is safe and warm. knowing that God loves me and has wonderful things waiting for me to discover. i am grateful. it’s cold outside and i’m thinking of my friends who are caring for their 47 horse friends. everyday. twice a day. before and after their jobs. i said a prayer for them. i pray because i believe it matters. i pray because i love them and it’s what i can do right now to help them. i pray for myself to be my best today and to allow God to work in and through me. i cast away the self doubt and turn my attention to heavenly things. 

i am reading a book about a man’s experience in heaven. there is no pain or suffering there. how wonderful to know those who have left us are free from those things and to know one day we shall join them. that is one of my favorite parts of my faith. knowing that God will deliver us out of all of our troubles and lavish us with love and comfort. what else would heaven be but to free us from the dangers and tribulations of this life? to draw us into his great love and light? i am so grateful for that.

my journey has known very dark days, weeks, months, years. it has also known days of joy and delight. even so, in the dark days, as sad and troubling as they were, God always send messages of hope and love to me. my pattern has been to resort to my toddler self in times of trouble. i whine and complain, cry and scream about whatever it is i am going through. i tell God i hate him and that i don’t want to do it anymore. when the emotion is done spilling out of me, i return to my loving Father who understands me and accepts me in spite of my behavior. his grace floods my being and his love sooths me. i remind myself that He is on my side and i turn again to His glorious goodness. i am so very grateful for his unending mercy. 

today i will include a prayer in my blog.

dear Father God, thank you for all that you are. i love you so very much and am so grateful for your countless benefits. your great and awesome unconditional love, your unending mercy and your gift of grace. thank you for sending Jesus to rescue me and to show me who you are. thank you for forgiving my sins and accepting me as your very own. thank you for filling me with your beautiful precious Spirit and overflowing my heart with your great love. thank you for delivering me out of darkness and bringing me into the kingdom of your dear Son Jesus. precious Jesus, i love you so. thank you for being so awesome amazing! thank you for giving me the chance to live this life a different way. thank you for providing all the things i need and the ability and know-how of obtaining them. thank you for your great benevolence and generosity. i ask you to work in and through me today to bring light and love to all i meet. i pray for wisdom and for the best words to bring encouragement and truth to those who will hear it. it is my privilege to serve your purpose here on this beautiful earth and to reflect your glory to all who see me. help me to surrender when i take back the reins. help me to remember that you know better than i do and that you are my home. i love you and give thanks for my very blessed life. i ask you to help me be a blessing to all i meet. to bring joy and hope, love and me to see you in every life. in Jesus name i pray. amen.

blog #2

greetings friends 🙂

so today i am going through piles of papers that have been sitting on my desk for some time. i am a list writer. i use post-its. i stack my piles neatly and dust around them. lol. i love to go through and find all kinds of memories. ticket stubs, addresses, publications from events i’ve attended. it reminds me of where i’ve been and where i’d like to go again. i love the way it feels to clear an area and see it looking neater and more organized. in fact it is neater and more organized and that helps me feel productive. i am learning to accept these characteristics about myself with an endearing admiration. it shows me my desire to make the effort to have my ducks in a row. they usually end up in many directions, much like real ducks 🙂 quack

i love this time of year mainly because most people don’t expect much from you so you get to spend time with yourself. i have put expectations on myself and have given myself pains over it. feels like an old song repeating. one that i don’t care for. the ‘it’s not good enough’ song. i am learning to reprogram my mind with thoughts of love and acceptance of myself. it’s taking a while but i’m coming along.

i love and accept myself. i say it often. i look in the mirror and tell myself “you are awesome! i love and accept you lori. just the way you are.” i learned that from Louise L. Hay from her book “You Can Heal Your Life”. it is one of the tools i use often. i am learning to move in this world much differently than i did when i was younger. i am much more at peace with myself and with others now. i noticed when i first started this activity that my love and acceptance for others grew. i am grateful for that. i always want to love and accept others, but have found myself being critical. as i learn more about how the inward life is reflected in the outward life i can understand why i had this tendency. that is all changing.

i posted a wonderful quote today on my f/b today.

God changes Caterpillars into Butterflies;
Sand into Pearls;
And Coal into Diamonds;
Using Time, and Pressure.
He’s working on you too

~ Rick Warren

i love that. i wrote in my status “I used to be a caterpillar”.  so true. i remember when i became a butterfly. that was a wonderful feeling. i will share that story another time.

thank you for reading my blog today ❤

My Very First Blog

Hello Friends 🙂 So this is my very first blog. My intention is to share my journey and hopefully bring joy to all who read it. Some info about me. I am closing in on the my fifth decade and finding that life has become so much better than it ever has been. Raising two awesome children and all the adventures we’ve had may come into play here as my life unfolds before all the world to see. I have an affinity for all things beautiful. I love creation, the creatures and most people 🙂 Bristol Renaissance Faire has been a huge part of my life for the last 20 yrs and Facebook has become my new social playground. I love playing the “ville’s” and post tons of adorable pictures and videos. I grew up in the far north suburbs of Chicago, that great windy city where I was born. I currently live out in the country now. I still live in a suburban type neighborhood but instead of tons of traffic and towns everywhere I enjoy fields of crops or livestock. I am a huge fan of trees and there are tons of them out this way too. I hope to move to a property where I can have my own animals and fulfill the dream my husband Jim and I have to hold a space for people to come and heal from life’s brutality. More on that as it unfolds. I am a gypsy at heart and love to travel. A favorite destination is Lafayette Louisiana where my sisters live and my favorite music festival is held each spring. Festival International de Louisiane has musical groups from all over the world that come and play for 5 days at the end of every April. It’s free to public, you just can’t beat it! The weather is always great and I get to enjoy the superior hospitality of the good folks down south. Come join us! Children are another love of mine. I think kids are the best ever. The younger the better! Diaper butts are my favorite. Sometimes we just sit and look at each other and laugh. It’s so great. You get to play and be yourself and children have such a magic about them. The group of fantasy characters at Bristol Faire called The Fantastikals create some of the most magical experiences for children (and adults like me) as they silently interact with the children. Only children are able to see them.  I also love to read to children or sing and dance with them.  I experience such a freedom and joy that is priceless. Kids have the most interesting ways of looking at things too and can come up with such imaginative stuff it cracks me up. I am a volunteer at Destination Safe Haven Horse Rescue & Retirement, in Marengo, IL. They currently have 47 horses, of all sizes and breeds. I didn’t know how much I could love the smell of a horse and how much I would love scooping poop.  Just being near a horse is healing to me. Jennifer Finkelman and Deb Novak are two of my heroes. It is my honor to assist them in any way I can. We will be having our 3rd annual Hot Cocoa & Cookies event Sunday Jan. 29 from 1-3pm at the farm. I don’t know why people want to come freeze their butts off in the cold weather but they do! We love it and are so appreciative to have them. Well, that’s about it for now. We shall see how things progress as time goes on. Much love and peace to all. Over and Out, Lori Ribbon ❤

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