For a few decades now I have focused on coming to a healthier place, body and soul. I have had an overhaul in my dietary lifestyle to the point I may be vegan now. I have sought direction as to how to bring a greater degree of health for my body as well as my soul. Many ‘tools’ have consistenly appeared to show me another way of doing things. Retraining my thought life is a huge part of shifting my life. Using words, affirmations, journaling are very powerful and show results whether or not we are aware of that fact. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my experience and I hope to provide clear, understandable information that hopefully will inspire those looking for ideas of what may work for them. Ok, no more words for now. I look forward to your comments and questions you might have. Thanks for watching. Much appreciation.

1 thought on “Begin Again…Video blogging in regards to My Healing Journey 8-14-13

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