my first blog rant

you don’t have to read this if you don’t want to hear my viewpoint.i have to vent to free myself of the painful feelings i have inside me now. i hope it helps. 😦

i woke up to my cats fighting this morning. hissss  meow

thinking i would relax with a cup of peppermint tea and some facebook i came upon an extremely distrubing picture concerning poaching. i saw this picture because a friend had commented on it. i reported the picture due to graphic violence and private messaged the person my viewpoint. i am waiting for the response.

i agree there are atrocities that need to be exposed however, if one is prepared to deal with the visual reality of the atrocity and is willing to be informed, that is their choice. it was not my choice to have that picture imposed on my this morning. the violent act itself is traumatizing enough. there is no point in repeating the trauma by posting it to unsuspecting viewers. i will be bolder and more vocal in my viewpoint starting now. i am responsible for my life and i know what i can handle and what i choose not to deal with. just because someone wants to ‘show’ people what horrible things are happening to animals (or people) doesn’t mean that is going to amount to a hill of beans in solving the root of the problem. i will be in prayer about all of this because i know the intention is to help but that is not the case. 

i am not looking for a discussion on this blog today. like i said, you don’t have to read it. i’ve been traumatized enough for one day, and i haven’t been awake for an hour yet. i’ll try again later to write something more accustomed to my positive perspective.

signing off, over and out.

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