blog #3

i love the quiet in the morning. knowing my family is safe and warm. knowing that God loves me and has wonderful things waiting for me to discover. i am grateful. it’s cold outside and i’m thinking of my friends who are caring for their 47 horse friends. everyday. twice a day. before and after their jobs. i said a prayer for them. i pray because i believe it matters. i pray because i love them and it’s what i can do right now to help them. i pray for myself to be my best today and to allow God to work in and through me. i cast away the self doubt and turn my attention to heavenly things. 

i am reading a book about a man’s experience in heaven. there is no pain or suffering there. how wonderful to know those who have left us are free from those things and to know one day we shall join them. that is one of my favorite parts of my faith. knowing that God will deliver us out of all of our troubles and lavish us with love and comfort. what else would heaven be but to free us from the dangers and tribulations of this life? to draw us into his great love and light? i am so grateful for that.

my journey has known very dark days, weeks, months, years. it has also known days of joy and delight. even so, in the dark days, as sad and troubling as they were, God always send messages of hope and love to me. my pattern has been to resort to my toddler self in times of trouble. i whine and complain, cry and scream about whatever it is i am going through. i tell God i hate him and that i don’t want to do it anymore. when the emotion is done spilling out of me, i return to my loving Father who understands me and accepts me in spite of my behavior. his grace floods my being and his love sooths me. i remind myself that He is on my side and i turn again to His glorious goodness. i am so very grateful for his unending mercy. 

today i will include a prayer in my blog.

dear Father God, thank you for all that you are. i love you so very much and am so grateful for your countless benefits. your great and awesome unconditional love, your unending mercy and your gift of grace. thank you for sending Jesus to rescue me and to show me who you are. thank you for forgiving my sins and accepting me as your very own. thank you for filling me with your beautiful precious Spirit and overflowing my heart with your great love. thank you for delivering me out of darkness and bringing me into the kingdom of your dear Son Jesus. precious Jesus, i love you so. thank you for being so awesome amazing! thank you for giving me the chance to live this life a different way. thank you for providing all the things i need and the ability and know-how of obtaining them. thank you for your great benevolence and generosity. i ask you to work in and through me today to bring light and love to all i meet. i pray for wisdom and for the best words to bring encouragement and truth to those who will hear it. it is my privilege to serve your purpose here on this beautiful earth and to reflect your glory to all who see me. help me to surrender when i take back the reins. help me to remember that you know better than i do and that you are my home. i love you and give thanks for my very blessed life. i ask you to help me be a blessing to all i meet. to bring joy and hope, love and me to see you in every life. in Jesus name i pray. amen.

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