blog #2

greetings friends 🙂

so today i am going through piles of papers that have been sitting on my desk for some time. i am a list writer. i use post-its. i stack my piles neatly and dust around them. lol. i love to go through and find all kinds of memories. ticket stubs, addresses, publications from events i’ve attended. it reminds me of where i’ve been and where i’d like to go again. i love the way it feels to clear an area and see it looking neater and more organized. in fact it is neater and more organized and that helps me feel productive. i am learning to accept these characteristics about myself with an endearing admiration. it shows me my desire to make the effort to have my ducks in a row. they usually end up in many directions, much like real ducks 🙂 quack

i love this time of year mainly because most people don’t expect much from you so you get to spend time with yourself. i have put expectations on myself and have given myself pains over it. feels like an old song repeating. one that i don’t care for. the ‘it’s not good enough’ song. i am learning to reprogram my mind with thoughts of love and acceptance of myself. it’s taking a while but i’m coming along.

i love and accept myself. i say it often. i look in the mirror and tell myself “you are awesome! i love and accept you lori. just the way you are.” i learned that from Louise L. Hay from her book “You Can Heal Your Life”. it is one of the tools i use often. i am learning to move in this world much differently than i did when i was younger. i am much more at peace with myself and with others now. i noticed when i first started this activity that my love and acceptance for others grew. i am grateful for that. i always want to love and accept others, but have found myself being critical. as i learn more about how the inward life is reflected in the outward life i can understand why i had this tendency. that is all changing.

i posted a wonderful quote today on my f/b today.

God changes Caterpillars into Butterflies;
Sand into Pearls;
And Coal into Diamonds;
Using Time, and Pressure.
He’s working on you too

~ Rick Warren

i love that. i wrote in my status “I used to be a caterpillar”.  so true. i remember when i became a butterfly. that was a wonderful feeling. i will share that story another time.

thank you for reading my blog today ❤

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