My Very First Blog

Hello Friends 🙂 So this is my very first blog. My intention is to share my journey and hopefully bring joy to all who read it. Some info about me. I am closing in on the my fifth decade and finding that life has become so much better than it ever has been. Raising two awesome children and all the adventures we’ve had may come into play here as my life unfolds before all the world to see. I have an affinity for all things beautiful. I love creation, the creatures and most people 🙂 Bristol Renaissance Faire has been a huge part of my life for the last 20 yrs and Facebook has become my new social playground. I love playing the “ville’s” and post tons of adorable pictures and videos. I grew up in the far north suburbs of Chicago, that great windy city where I was born. I currently live out in the country now. I still live in a suburban type neighborhood but instead of tons of traffic and towns everywhere I enjoy fields of crops or livestock. I am a huge fan of trees and there are tons of them out this way too. I hope to move to a property where I can have my own animals and fulfill the dream my husband Jim and I have to hold a space for people to come and heal from life’s brutality. More on that as it unfolds. I am a gypsy at heart and love to travel. A favorite destination is Lafayette Louisiana where my sisters live and my favorite music festival is held each spring. Festival International de Louisiane has musical groups from all over the world that come and play for 5 days at the end of every April. It’s free to public, you just can’t beat it! The weather is always great and I get to enjoy the superior hospitality of the good folks down south. Come join us! Children are another love of mine. I think kids are the best ever. The younger the better! Diaper butts are my favorite. Sometimes we just sit and look at each other and laugh. It’s so great. You get to play and be yourself and children have such a magic about them. The group of fantasy characters at Bristol Faire called The Fantastikals create some of the most magical experiences for children (and adults like me) as they silently interact with the children. Only children are able to see them.  I also love to read to children or sing and dance with them.  I experience such a freedom and joy that is priceless. Kids have the most interesting ways of looking at things too and can come up with such imaginative stuff it cracks me up. I am a volunteer at Destination Safe Haven Horse Rescue & Retirement, in Marengo, IL. They currently have 47 horses, of all sizes and breeds. I didn’t know how much I could love the smell of a horse and how much I would love scooping poop.  Just being near a horse is healing to me. Jennifer Finkelman and Deb Novak are two of my heroes. It is my honor to assist them in any way I can. We will be having our 3rd annual Hot Cocoa & Cookies event Sunday Jan. 29 from 1-3pm at the farm. I don’t know why people want to come freeze their butts off in the cold weather but they do! We love it and are so appreciative to have them. Well, that’s about it for now. We shall see how things progress as time goes on. Much love and peace to all. Over and Out, Lori Ribbon ❤

3 thoughts on “My Very First Blog

  1. Doris

    Hello Lori! I will be looking forward to reading your blog. I pray you and Jim’s dream will come true soon. I ran into a guy who has such a place on the big Island of Hawaii, he focuses mainly on recovering Alcoholics but takes in other troubled people to. He said just working on the Ranch was therapy in itself for them.


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